Friday, May 31, 2019

Yep - another one!

29th April saw me pencilled in for a hysterectomy. Not something to look forward to but definitely necessary. At my pre-op assessment, I was given six drinks, four for the previous evening and two for the morning of the operation. I gather they are to provide you with the energy you need for the operation and subsequent early recovery and I was told they taste pretty horrible, although I thought that, whilst not on the scale of a decent red, they were quite bearable. Unfortunately, on this occasion, they were also superfluous as the operation was cancelled while we were coasting round the hospital car park, searching for a space.
Fast forward a fortnight to May 15th and this time I did manage to make it to the operating table - and off it a couple of hours later, minus the relevant body parts and I came back home on 17th.

Keith has been holding the fort admirably as regards shopping, cooking and housework as I have to ease back into things gradually over six weeks. My post op. check up is in a week and after that, I am hoping that nothing else is going to raise its ugly head, at least for the rest of 2019. Three operations in a year is enough for anyone - I don't want to be greedy!


Dale said...

Things often seem to come in threes, Jenny. Let's hope this is the end of it, and that you'll be left to enjoy the rest of the year in good health. Keith deserves a hearty pat on the back for taking up the slack so admirably.

Jenny said...

He has been a real treasure, Dale, and yes, I hope that's the last operation for me at least for this year.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

You are certainly getting your money's worth out of the NHS Jenny! I hope that your recovery is going well and that you will soon be back up to speed. Just click your fingers and Keith will get you anything you want. Is he wearing a French maid's outfit?

Jenny said...

Ooh! A French maid's outfit! Now there's a thought ... ! ;)


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