Monday, March 25, 2019

A doctor's note with a difference

I was amazed and very impressed to get this card in the post the other day. I mentioned in my last post that it looks as though I am in line for another operation in the near future, which is never the most welcome news, but this thoughtful note from my GP has gone a long way to cheering me up.  A small gesture but a significant one, especially these days when the NHS is under so much time pressure. Earlier that day, one of my dog-walking friends, who also recently needed to see the GP, remarked on what good care she had received.
Referring to our problems with our previous GP practice, she remarked, "I'm really glad you did your research and encouraged me to change."
After this, so am I.


Yorkshire Pudding said...
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Yorkshire Pudding said...

I am sorry to learn that you may need surgery Jenny. Though you tried to obscure the doctor's name with a felt tip pen, I could still see the ghost of his signature. Is he/she called Dr Aspin?! Next time you see the doctor please tell him/her how to spell "receive"!...Seriously though, a nice and unusual welcome human touch.

Jenny said...

Haha! Not Aspin, YP but a similar name. His handwriting is very similar to Elder Daughter's - i.e. doctor's writing.


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