Friday, January 04, 2019

Away for Christmas

This year - well last year, strictly speaking, as it is now 2019 - we decided to have a change and to book a cottage for a few days over Christmas. We chose one in Northumberland, quite near to where Younger Daughter, Claire, lives. 
The first time Keith and I went on holiday was about fourteen years ago and we just decided to go to France, booked a ferry crossing and off we went. Apart from checking that our passports were not out of date, we didn't even think of servicing the car, taking out health insurance or preparing in any other way other than throwing some clothes in cases and setting off. How times have changed! Now, it's much more akin to a military operation. Pack relevant medication, laptops, tablets, smartphones and, most importantly, their relevant chargers and pack everything that the little white dog will need, as he was coming too.

The cottage was very comfortable, we spent some time each day with Claire and Neil and even got to see Elder Daughter, Kathy and her husband, as they came up to stay overnight at the weekend.

Toby was very happy with his presents, while Keith was the picture of sartorial elegance in his new Christmas jumper.

And so was Claire - happy with her presents and the picture of sartorial elegance.

I think this is Toby asking Claire if he can come and live with her, but he'll have to get past Neil first!

On Christmas Eve, we found time to pop round to see Hadrian and his wall. Unfortunately he was out, but we did have a wander round the Sill and Housesteads.

Toby and the sheep seemed to get on well. He liked them but decided he couldn't eat a whole one. 

On Boxing Day, we wandered up the coast. At Blyth there were some mad people swimming in the sea. (No accounting for taste.)
All in all, we enjoyed our short break and have decided that later this year, we will definitely go back and maybe venture into Scotland as well.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

The mysterious Neil fellow you referred to sounds like a thoroughly decent chap!

Jenny said...

He is indeed, YP. Goes with the name, I suppose... ;)


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