Friday, August 17, 2018

The minimalist look

 I've always wanted the minimalist look in my home and wherever I've lived, I've never managed it and I've never managed to find a kindred spirit who understood the advantages of having space rather than 'things'.  Longtime readers of this blog will know only too well that Keith is definitely not minimalist and the idea of having any kind of space not crammed with what he would call important things and I would call rubbish, though maybe not to his face, is a completely foreign concept to him.

 Almost two years ago, we had the kitchen re-fitted, which was great except that I sort of lost sight of the fact that even though the units were new, the kitchen is still the same size and still only holds the same amount of stuff. So now, I am looking at videos on YouTube for ideas on how to cut down on 'stuff' and free up more space.
(Note that I am talking here of people who are voluntarily cutting back and 'downsizing', not those who unfortunately have no choice.)
 Boy, has that been an eye opener! There are people out there with kitchens the size of small cupboards who boast of having empty drawers and cupboards as they have too much storage space for their needs!
Some have only two plates, mugs and sets of cutlery.
What do they do when they have visitors? I wonder.

One woman only has enough food in the fridge AND freezer for a week. By the time shopping day comes round again, the cupboards, fridge and freezer are bare.
What does she do if she's ill or something crops up and she can't go shopping that day? These things happen. And does it mean that she has the same menu week in, week out? Not like my system at all. When asked what I am cooking for the evening meal, my reply is usually 'Whatever falls out of the freezer when I open it,' to the amusement and/or horror of friends who pride themselves on being a little more organised.
 So, having read this far, if you look at these photos and have any ideas as to what can be ditched, do let me know.

In the meantime, I am thinking of doing my own YouTube video on Keith's desk ... Now there's a challenge!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

To me it looks like a nice clean and "lived in" kitchen. By the way, I could see you reflected in the shiny cupboard surfaces...or it might have been a poltergeist!

Jenny Aspin said...

A poltergeist, of course! :)

Dale said...

I think it looks quite neat, Jenny. A place for everything, and ... Well, you know.
The washing machine in the kitchen always seems an oddity to us here on this side of the pond. Our laundry is often done in the basement, although not always.
I am especially fond of your fridge magnets!

Jenny Aspin said...

Yes, some nice Canadians gave us a couple of those! ;). Couldn't think of doing laundry in the cellar/basement. Think of how many spiders there could be down there!


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