Monday, August 13, 2018

Walking in the valley

I haven't been down in the valley with Toby for several weeks now, but the other day, we did pay a quick visit. It was a lovely day, there were plenty of mallards squawking and squabbling, as they do, and a few coots but no moorhens. 
Most of my photos are taken on an iPhone 6 plus, one handedly, as I have Toby's lead in the other and let's face it, Annie Leibovitz et al really have nothing to worry about. But maybe I should look at some instructional videos on YouTube - although they would probably begin with something along the lines of 'Ditch the dog and use both hands.' 
Or, perhaps I could train Toby to take them ... 


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Decent photos Jenny - but you should learn how to edit them on your computer - enhancing, colouring, sharpening, cropping. It is not as hard as it might sound and personally I find it fun.

Jenny Aspin said...

I do, but my eyes don't seem to appreciate the difference! ;)


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