Monday, August 06, 2018

Dad's bench

It was probably back in the eighties that Dad bought a new wooden bench for the garden. It replaced the one he had built himself, which had been there since we were children, and always sat under the dining room window to provide a vantage point from which to survey the rest of the garden. Mum used to sit there often in the summer and Dad too in later years. So when he moved up here to live near Keith and myself, it came with him and provided another vantage point in another garden.

After he died, it came to our garden and being by then in need of sprucing up, I sanded it down and coated it with Osmo oil, which according to Kathy, would be better than varnish.
"Make sure you put several coats on," she said, after I'd put the first coat on and thought I'd finished. So I did.

So there it is, in all its glory, in our garden, where I can sit on it and survey our garden  - and Keith's shed, of course!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

I can see Keith's shed reflected in the conservatory glass. I am surprised it does not have a big sign on it - "KEITH'S SHED - KEEP OUT!"
How splendid that your father's bench is with you now. A good place to remember him... from time to time.

Lisa said...

Love this. :) Good job on the restoration of your parents' brilliant piece.


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