Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Horses' Field

Toby and I walked past the horses' field the other  day and these two were peacefully surveying the world and all passers by. The photo is poor quality I know,   but you try taking a photo with one hand while trying to restrain an energetic, impatient small dog with the other! The field is quite large and houses about a dozen horses and it's the one which is currently under threat of being covered with yet another housing estate. It isn't really the horses' field, of course, but is owned by the university and rented to a nearby riding school. However, the university have decided that they need to sell various pieces of land around Wrexham in order to fund their fancy new projects, and that's why I'm pretty sure that, in spite of all the local objections, and we have objected very strongly, although I still haven't had to resort to chaining myself to railings,  they will end up selling the land with outline planning permission for 127 houses, which is their current aim. 

Of course, we have just endured six years of building noises and disruption on the land behind us, the local primary school is over-subscribed and has nowhere to expand to accommodate growing numbers of pupils, the local surgeries, well they are not really able to meet current requirements, let alone an ever increasing local population, and the roads are more country lanes than roads and busy enough at present.

Maybe the council will listen to our objections and refuse planning permission, at first anyway. But as we know from past experience, applications will be re-submitted two, maybe three times, until eventually, permission is granted and we shall lose yet another piece of green in our area.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Perhaps it's time to consider selling up and moving to a more peaceful location where you haven't got that undercurrent of stress caused by building wok and noise.

I have found a nice place for you in Glyn Ceiriog:-

Jennyta said...

Very nice, YP but Keith won't move unless he can take his shed (sorry, workshop) with him. ;)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Is he married to the shed or to you?

Jennyta said...

I sometimes wonder ... !

Dale said...

Tell him if he relocates, he can build a bigger sh ... erm, workshop.
Seriously though, my mum hit the nail on the head many years ago when I was still a schoolboy. We'd been learning about pollution and when I got home, I expressed my worries to her. She turned from the sink where she'd been peeling potatoes and gestured with her paring knife.

"I think it'll get a lot worse if we don't do something. The population keeps growing. And now there's just too darned many of us."

That's exactly what's come to pass here. When Canada celebrated her centennial birthday in 1967, we were 20 million. Today, we are 40 million. Everyone needs a house and a car. Food. And we all must get along. Except me, of course. I must get a lung. ;)

Jennyta said...

Well, I believe we are now up to 65 million, from 60 million about ten years ago. This is such a small island and space is at a premium. Properties in London and the south east have such inflated price tags that most ordinary working people have no chance of getting on the housing ladder and even renting is fast becoming unaffordable. There was a programme on TV the other evening about people in London who have regular jobs but are living rough because they can't afford anywhere to live. What sort of world are we coming to? And I know that the houses which will be built on that field won't be 'affordable' - i.e. within the reach of people on lower incomes. :(


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