Monday, July 23, 2018

The best day of the year

Actually, it's the best few hours of the year, for teachers at least. The summer term is nearly at its weary end. If you've been lucky, these last few weeks have been sunny and dry, but not too hot, just pleasant enough for the children to be able to have outdoor playtimes and maybe a few extended PE lessons to boot. After all, that excited, pent up energy has to have an outlet somewhere (and that's just the teachers!)
The days are being counted, then the hours. Parent evenings, reports, special end of year assemblies, tearful goodbyes (or not) to Year 6, with a brief consideration of next year's oldest class waiting in the wings - however nice they are now, by September, the hormones will have kicked in and they will quickly transform into the worst Year 6 ever - all are done for this academic year. 

And now come the best moments of the year, driving home, knowing that six weeks of child-free time (other people's, that is) beckon like a welcoming oasis in a hectic life. Yes, there is always lots of preparation to do during the holidays, both in school and out. (DON'T let me hear the faintest whisper of teachers getting longer holidays than anyone else!) However, putting in the hours at home or working in school with only colleagues,  caretaker and cleaners for company, is an extremely welcome alternative to the normal school year, just for a few weeks anyway. 

I think back to my working years and immediately I can conjure up that end of year feeling. But now, the joyful feeling comes from knowing that I don't have to do any of it any more. Getting older means getting a little creakier and having a little less energy, but it certainly has its advantages!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

To me the one big disadvantage of those long summer holidays was that after six weeks I had almost forgotten what it was to be a teacher. Every September was like a re-discovery and this added to my anxiety. I am so glad I am out of it. I look back and think that maybe I should have chosen a different career. There was so much wasted energy and effort. I could have applied it to something more creative, more enriching. Making a difference to young lives gets a bit tedious after thirty five years!

Jennyta said...

Totally agree, YP. I wouldn't choose teaching as a career if I were starting out now, that's for sure. It seems to become more of a thankless task as the years go by. Sad though.


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