Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spring on its way?

New Year is the time for new resolutions, a fresh start, kicking oneself into shape. Well, that's what they say. I tend not to make New Year resolutions as I either forget them or decide they're a bad idea within weeks or even days. However, I had decided to take myself in hand exercise-wise before Christmas and for me, that means mostly doing more walking. I have a couple of problems with this, though.
1. The weather at this time of year - not always conducive to my faltering motivation.
2.. I need a dog to walk with. It's nearly three years now since Lucy died and I do keep wishing I had another now. Dog rescue centres are few and far between around here but I'm not rushing and I'm hoping it will happen sooner or later.

Anyway, back to the walking. One day last week, when the weather was fine, bright and sunny I decided to walk the almost-five-miles there and back to the chemist. You see, it just takes that first step - well, getting out through the door - that's after you've heaved yourself off the sofa. Easy, really - and well worth it, trust me! This is what the route to Coed Poeth looked like.

Oh, and it's uphill all the way.


Silverback said...

Given that I'm in one of the most boring (scenery wise) states in the Union right now, those views look lovely.

I get your point about that first step too. Even when it's 80+ outside, I still find it hard at times to get out for an exercise walk.

Never been too sure about walking with a dog though. All that stopping and starting. But if it gets you out, then it has to be good.

Thanks for posting the photos.....almost makes me homesick. Almost.

Jennyta said...

See, Silverback, there are some plusses to spending the winter in the UK - well, Wales anyway. :)


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