Entente Cordiale

Well, we came to an amicable arrangement, quite unplanned as it happened, because Keith got to navigate the car through people's back yards and down roads the width of a garden path up in the mountains
and I got to cross theMillau
all of which was truly spectacular. We are now in Serignon, our old stamping ground. Keith used to come to this area on holiday when he was growing up (I use that phrase advisedly!) and has always loved it. We had our lunch by the river and then carried on to re-visit Valras Plage, although we didn't venture into the sea. We will leave that pleasure until tomorrow morning, before continuing our journey to Coussa in the Midi-Pyrennees region.
Today the weather has been beautiful and I have been resplendent in my shorts and a sun-encouraging top.
I hope you all appreciate that Keith had to dangle my by my feet over sheer rock faces to get the mountain photos!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

What is all this lotto crap doing on your blog? Their input is certainly NOT "resplendent"! And thos creeps do deserve to be dangled over the famous bridge - then dropped!

Silverback said...

You do seem to have had a lot (or lotto) of exotic visitors to your blog recently, Jenny. Has Keith inadvertently left your details on some dubious Eastern porn sites ?

Speaking of which, remind him to lubricate his hands with olive oil before holding you over the edge next time.

(that should ensure an interesting post for the lotto-teers)

Jennytc said...

YP, I've no idea why I am suddenly attracting all this rubbish. I might have to alter my comment settings.
Ian, I am disgusted with your suggestion re Keith's hands. With friends like you...etc etc! ;)Especially as I'm scared of heights!

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