Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Who'd like to be tagged?

I have been tagged today by Jan who asked me to post six random things about myself, so here goes:

1. I am an arachnophobe.
2. I also have a horror of buttons. They make me feel sick.
3. I have lived in southern Ireland and France.
4. Heidi Range from the Sugarbabes was in my class when she was six.
5. I am left handed and so are two of my four children.
6. Someone who once saw my handwriting thought I was doing shorthand.

I think I'm going to throw this open to anyone who would like to take it on - come one, come all!

So, here's what you do now:
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  • Write six random things about yourself.·
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jay said...

Buttons, eh? How strange ... but I had a similar thing going for yarn at one time. If it was too thin or too thick I would get a panic attack, sometimes just at the sight of it, sometimes only if I touched it. One day, shortly after I had my first son, I suddenly realised where it came from - an incident in my childhood when I was very, very young, and which frightened me. After that, the fear went.

I wonder if your fear of buttons came about in the same way?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Fear of buttons and spiders? I think you need some counselling from a counsellor! Failing that perhaps you should confront your fears by knitting a chunky cardigan with Miss Muffett and the spider that came down beside her on the back and cute spider design buttons on the front.

P.S. Why didn't you include that time you fell over when you were drunk?

Jennyta said...

Possibly because it never happened, YP. Are you going to be at your brother's when we are there? (Thinks, oh well, maybe it's not too late to cancel!) ;)

Jay, it is possible, I suppose. I need counselling! ;)

Steve said...

Button Moon must've been an absolute nightmare

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Darling Jennyta,
Have no fear, Lord Pudding is not planning a visit to Floc this summer. However, if we did meet up you would probaly be entranced by my kindness and witty repartee. You indicated that you once lived in France so I am guessing that your French is pretty good. Please teach my brother some French skills as his seems to have been learnt at the Basil Fawlty Language School!
Au revoir cherie!
Monsieur Pudding

Jennyta said...

Steve, it was. I hated it!

YP what a shame - your presence would have added that extra je ne sais quoi to our holiday, I'm sure! My french used to be fluent but my colloquial french is now a bit dated (think 60's). However, I can still get by.


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