Friday, April 25, 2008

Blues and twos - we're on our way!

Keith has landed himself a real bargain. It's an ambulance, which has now been retired from the NHS but is still in great working order and cost him the princely sum of £100. Inside is a high visibility jacket (with stains on it - could be blood!) and lots of First Aid equipment as well as an impressive range of disposable urine receptacles and a stretcher.
The reason for this purchase is not that he is thinking of going into private healthcare (The very thought sends shivers down my spine!) but he is going to convert it so that, when he is called out to attend to a car, he has all his equipment with him and can work on the spot. So, if you have lost your key or have any car security problems, he's your man.
After waiting patiently (?) for three weeks for the log book to come through, he was finally able to drive it home in triumph yesterday. What amused him was driving back up the road in his own car and spotting a woman standing at her window, phone to her ear, patently recounting to someone how she had seen the ambulance going down the road an hour ago, and no, she didn't know which house it had gone to but it hadn't come back up the road since so it must be something really serious.
He did run the idea past me last night that, today he could maybe drive back up the road with siren and lights on and pause for a moment outside her house. Tempting, but I talked him out of it.


Ellee Seymour said...

That certainly sounds a bargain buy, I wonder how many miles were on the clock. Yes, I guess it will set lots of tongues wagging when he drives it around.

Jay said...

We used to have a half-share in an old ambulance! My husband and his friend converted it to a mini-motorhome. It was just big enough for one couple, of course, but we toured Wales and a few other places in it, till we could afford something better. The most amusing thing was going over a toll bridge and being waved through without paying. We didn't realise why at the time, but it dawned on us later that they thought we were a genuine ambulance, even though the livery was painted out.

Fun times!

Jennyta said...

Yes, Ellee, he will certainly be noticed!

Jay, I did suggest that type of conversion so that we could drive it around France but my request was turned down. :(

Yorkshire Pudding said...

This vehicle will be extremely useful if you, as a matronly pensioner, suffer a funny turn. It is so thoughtful of Keith. But £100 is far too much to spend on a vehicle that may only have one journey to make. However, it could always be painted black for the final journey.

Jennyta said...

Hells bells, YP, you are in a bit of a dark mood these days. Would you like to avail of my special offer on counselling? :)


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