Saturday, September 16, 2006

Just for Dale

Just for Dale I have made the effort to post today. I realise I have neglected the blog lately but, since starting my new teaching job, I have been struggling to find 26 hours in the day. It's ridiculous really but the job, together with the counselling, placement etc. seems to be taking up every spare minute. (And if anyone makes an age-related comment, I will personally shoot them!)
Although I have only been out of full time teaching for two years and thought I was doing well at keeping up with things via the internet, I am amazed at how things have moved on even in that short time. I sit in the staffroom and listen to conversations punctuated with acronyms and initiatives which mean nothing to me. I cart bags full of unfamiliar resources and CDs home to get to grips with the 'in' things to use in the ICT suite and on the interactive whiteboard. The latter is enormous fun, by the way and I am filled with enthusiam and excitement at things which my blase six year olds just take in their stride.
Oh and last week's faux pas? Writing on the (ordinary) whiteboard in permanent marker. It did come off eventually, with lots of elbow grease.
We're getting there...


Dale said...

For me? I'm flattered! Sounds like you're falling happily into the rhythm of things at school, Jenny. Don't worry. You'll catch up in no time.

Anonymous said...

Ahem! "Demob Happy Teacher" now teaching? What did you do wrong to be sentenced to another spell in the classroom or was it the quest for filthy lucre that drove you back to the chalkface (or as it is nowadays the IWBface)? Blogger Control has advised me to inform you that your blog title must now change to acknowledge your new status... Ideas include "Glutton for Punishment"
"Deja Vu" or "I'm Not A Celebrity But Please Get Me Out Of Here!"

Jennyta said...

Quest (urgent necessity!) for filthy lucre, Im afraid, YP. However, I quite like teaching still as long as I am left to get on with it and not inundated by paperwork. Some hope, eh?


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