Monday, January 03, 2005

Whistling Sands

Today we set off, once again, for Whistling Sands, on the Lleyn Peninsular. Third time lucky - we actually got there this time and braved the cold and howling gales to fill our lungs with good fresh air! Keith had great fun 'off-roading' because he can, and playing with the camcorder. Playing it back, the sound effects sound like the soundtrack from Scott of the Antarctic - i.e. the aforementioned howling gales.
Whenever we travel over that way, we lose the signal for Radio 4 quite quickly so today, we listened to Radio Cymru. Yes I know I don't speak or understand Welsh and Keith is pretty rusty at it, as he never listened at school, but after today, I have picked up quite a bit of Welsh vocabulary:
DVD, CD, novel, film, trombone, cameraphone.
I think the secret is that you say it all with a Welsh accent! Dead easy! At this rate, I shall soon be speaking like a native. :)

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broomhilda said...

Sounds like you had some fun. Being an American and having trouble with my own language at times, I am hopeless with others. This does not help with my addiction to mythology. I just downloaded a copy of 'The Mabinogion' translated into english by Lady Charlotte Guest from the Project Gutenberg website. I cannot begin to pronounce the Welsh names or words in the stories. I end up making up my own pronunciation, I'm sure the stories lose some of their flavor, but I love them just the same.



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