Monday, June 21, 2004

Welsh Stonehenge???

The Welsh BBC news this evening had an item about the building of Stonehenge. The stone came from Pembrokeshire and was transported to Wiltshire. According to Keith, it was transported on prehistoric steam trains powered by good Welsh coal - what else??? As he has said before, the Welsh have always been a very forward looking nation.
Now, it appears that the discovery of Welsh teeth on the site (different to English teeth obviously!), indicates that Welshmen not only delivered the stones but helped erect them. So far so good, although I can't see why the presence of these teeth doesn't just mean that there was a fight with the native English and the Welsh got their teeth knocked out before legging it back to Wales! Keith maintains that the Welsh were a lot better organised than the English, which is why their labour was required.

OK, as my paternal grandmother was born in Mold, this being my one claim to any Welsh ancestry, I can just about let him get away with that.

What I am having difficulty with, however, is his final claim that these stalwart men actually pulled the stones onto the site with their teeth - which is why the teeth are lying around unconnected to their skulls, presumably. :-)

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