Sunday, April 22, 2018

A trip to Liverpool

Yes, we country bumpkins, Keith and I, ventured up to 'that there Liverpool' last Friday to visit the Terracotta Warriors exhibition in the museum. (In my absence, Liverpool museum seems to have upgraded itself to World Museum, but it's still there in William Brown Street.) Not only that, but we went by train, which neither of us has done for some considerable time. Keith wasn't too enthusiastic about fighting his way through central Liverpool and we would also have needed to be sure of parking nearby, as his walking is somewhat limited these days.
So the train  was our choice of transport, starting off at the little station in Gwersyllt (facilities none, not even anywhere to sit on one of the two  platforms) and bowling along to Bidston, where we changed for the train to Liverpool. It was interesting to note how, the further north we went, the better equipped the stations were. Obviously, Lime Street and its neighbouring stations are important interchanges and far bigger and more important than our little local ones, but to anyone who doubts the lack of investment in the infrastructure of North Wales - Are you listening, politicians? - I strongly recommend an attempt to travel around the area using public transport. If this were a blog about such political themes, I would also suggest a glance at this article, but  perish the thought - it isn't, it's about our trip to Liverpool.

The weather was beautiful and we really enjoyed our journey. It's a long time since I have visited the museum and this trip made me remember what an amazing place it is. You could spend a week in there and still not have seen everything but we were there specifically for the Terracotta Warriors exhibition which was one of the best special exhibitions I have seen. From a total of 6000 life sized warriors guarding China's first emperor and only discovered in 1974, ten figures, including a cavalry horse, and other artefacts, some of which have never been displayed in Britain before are the focus of this exhibition and, while I couldn't hope to do it justice in this post, if you click on the link above, it will give you more information and some explanatory video.
In the meantime, I will punish you with a few of my own photos, which don't in any way do justice to what we saw on Friday, and if you are anywhere within reasonable travelling distance, do try and visit yourself. I believe tickets are selling out fast, although the exhibition is there until October, so hurry!

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