Saturday, July 15, 2017

Young me

This photo, apart from being dreadful in quality as it is a photo of a photo and dates from 1970 (Yes prehistoric, I know!), was taken at Temple Meads station, Bristol in January. I know this because I was on my way back to college, after spending a wonderful six months in Tours, France as part of my course. Please note that I was at the cutting edge of fashion - probably the last time for a long time as the fashions of the seventies were a great disappointment to me. I hated the cult of the ugly and the sludgy browns and greens of the late seventies in particular.
But what I remembered  in particular, when I looked at this photo, was  not the happy absence of a spare tyre, but the energy and optimism I had then. As well as looking forward to a career in teaching, (Hm, yes, really) I could walk uphill for a couple of miles in stiletto heels and not feel the after effects, spring out of bed at six in the morning if I had to and not feel like going back there by 2pm, play a game of tennis without my knees grinding  and just generally rush around without a second thought.
Still, it's all an attitude of mind, isn't it? I am still that person, if I can just get over the post prandial energy dips, the aching hip and the knee that threatens to give way every so often.
Now wouldn't it be fantastic if someone could find a way of combining the life experience and maturity of age with the energy of the young self? Whoever is currently working on this, please let me know when you are successful. In the meantime, maybe a trudge round the field with the dogs would help...


Yorkshire Pudding said...

When I saw that picture I thought it was from 1870 - not 1970! (See I know how to make a gal feel good Jenny!)...I can also recall those salad days when one hardly thought about one's body because it just did all the jobs it was asked to do without complaint! Hell - that picture was taken forty seven years ago when people rode on penny farthings.

Jenny Aspin said...

I actually started at college in 1967, YP, half a century ago! As you were only a kid in short trousers when that picture was taken, no doubt the advent of the maxi coat/dress/skirt passed you by ... ;)

Graham Edwards said...

What really struck me about that photos is your beautiful smile.

Jenny Aspin said...

Thank you, Graham. :)


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