Monday, September 13, 2010

Knight in shining armour

Well, there I was, after the journey home from Bristol, relaxing and blog-surfing when Keith suddenly stiffened and peered under the coffee table, which has a bottom shelf so is not easy to look under.
"Just go outside," he said, "Hurry up, there's - er - something under the table."
Needing no further urging, I took myself off into the hall to await further information and Paddy slid off the sofa and took himself off to his cushion (No help at all, that dog!).
There was a few moments of scuffling and moving of furniture before Keith emerged triumphant, tightly crushed tissue in hand.
"I take it that was a spider?" I said.
"Yes, a big one too," was the reply.
Having ascertained several times that he really had killed the monster, I gingerly sat down again and then got up and sprayed the whole of the ground floor with  'SpiderStop'. That should keep the wretched creatures out for a few days.
Meanwhile Keith was awaiting congratulations and expressions of admiration at the calm, efficient way he had conducted the whole episode.  A real kight in shining armour!


Anonymous said...

Well done to Keith, he may well be busy as it's the time of year for them! Flighty xx

Jennyta said...

Unfortunately it is, Flighty!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Although it's three days later, I shall still say a prayer for the lost spider. Poor thing.

Jennyta said...

No, YP, poor me and poor my blood pressure! :)

gemmak said...

Erghhh...I feel your pain. I had a similar incident last week nut 'N' lost it!!!! I left the building!

gemmak said...

And would you believe i typed that last comment another paraded accross the floor!!!! Spooky! I managed to squish it however, it wasn't soooo large! Eeekkk. Damnable things!

Jennyta said...

You have my sympathy, Jane. Try some of that 'Spiderstop' - it does seem to work usually but you have to remember to spray it round every few days.


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