Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The tail end of January always seems to be a bit of a nonentity for me. Christmas is over, the new year isn't quite so new any more and winter, short days and long nights seem to be stretching endlessly ahead. Until, that is, you spot these ....
As it's not a very good photo, only snapped on my phone camera, perhaps I need to identify it as the first snowdrops - at least chez Jennyta.
Very uplifting, seeing these frail-looking little blossoms braving the cold. Perhaps Spring is not so far round the corner after all.
Let's hope it's not taking the scenic route!


Anonymous said...

I've started seeing them over the past week as well, which is always a good sign.
After this winter spring really can't come soon enough! Flighty xx

Snowbabies said...

We have two teeny tiny ones lol but can see other bulbs coming through :o)hopefully the garden will be full of colour soon :o)


Rosie said...

A welcome sight although I've not seen any around my way yet.x


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