Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Golden Handcuffs

I've finished with teaching, something I continue to rejoice about, but couldn't help hearing about this on the news yesterday. £10,000 to be given to good teachers to keep them working in 'challenging' schools for at least three years. Not that that will happen in all the 'toughest' schools, you understand. Oh no, the toughest secondary schools only. So I guess that means that the poor old primary teachers are expected to soldier on with no pecuniary incentives - as always.
And for those who wonder how primary aged pupils can possibly be as difficult as their older brothers and sisters, may I suggest you watch this episode of 'Dispatches' shown last week on Channel 4. (You can watch it online).


Jay said...

Oh, yes they can ... and what's more you ain't allowed to lay a finger on them. THAT'S what makes the situation impossible, is it not?

Jennyta said...

Absolutely, Jay.


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