Monday, July 28, 2008

Camel into the eye of a needle

We took charge of our RV on Friday and decided to road test it over the weekend, so off we went into Snowdonia and ended up on Anglesey - Beaumaris, to be precise. (It was at this point that I discovered that I had forgotten my camera so had to use my mobile phone for photos.) The RV is left hand drive and quite wide and it's a bit like sitting up in the front of a coach. You feel as if it is way over the white line down the middle of the road and that your half is going to get sliced off by oncoming traffic at any moment. You are relieved that you have recently made your will.
However, I eventually discovered that the bottom wing mirror was very useful for checking where the right hand wheels were with regard to the white line and my blood pressure reduced considerably. So did Keith's as I was no longer screeching at him to 'Move over!!!' and he was no longer having to assure me that he was nearly in the gutter.

Beaumaris was lovely - peaceful, surprisingly not too busy, sunny and hot. The RV performed beautifully and it provided a chance to check on things we might need for our forthcoming trip back to France.
Coming back and parking it at Keith's other house was the perfect end to a perfect weekend. Well, it was eventually, but there was a point at which I was convinced that the vehicle was going to end its days stuck crossways in the road. I would have taken photos of that too, but was too busy hopping around, checking available space on either side of the gateway (very little) and relaying instructions from Giles, at the rear, to Keith, in the driver's seat. He did it though. Next time, we just need to remove the gate and gatepost on one side and the tree on the other. Simple!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Oh dear, you should have more confidence in Keith's driving skills or perhaps consider a course of humanistic counselling to reduce your anxiety levels. Chill out babe!

Dale said...

Riding round in luxury, aren't you? Left hand drive? I see no problem with that, Jenny. ;) Now, if only you could travel on the right-hand side of the road ...!

Silverback said...

Gotta love the idea of an RV in Wales.

"Just nipping to the shops in Llangollen, dearest. Be back on Sunday. Maybe."

Jennyta said...

Now come on, Silverback, you're just jealous! You could stow away you know. We probably wouldn't find you for a week!

I'd be quite happy to drive on the right, Dale, it's just the rest of the population that's being stubborn about it.

YP, I have every confidence in Keith's skills, it's just the other road users I can't rely on. :)

Jay said...

LOL! I so identify with you! We have a motorhome, not as big as yours, and I swear I got hundreds of new grey hairs driving it for the first time! As to the time we took it into the wilds of Norfolk, where the hedges brush BOTH sides of the thing, and you dread meeting something coming the other way ... best draw a veil.

Anonymous said...

You always were a crap passenger...and I thought it was just my driving!!!!

Ellee Seymour said...

How lovely to be free and take off when you like and where you like.
Jay is right about driving in Norfolk, but I do love their hedges.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jenny, you do make me laugh ! What a sight it must be - a building on wheels zooming down the country roads with a screaming banshee yelling abuse out of the window ! Now, was the surname Clampitt in The Beverley Hillbillies........??? from CraigyBaby !

Jennyta said...

Craig,Jay, you know the famour painting called 'the Silent Scream'? That was me. ;)

Kathy, it was also me when I used to take you out for driving practice round Crosby. :)

Ellee, that's the best bit. We'll worry about the fuel cost later!


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