Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cycling city

The government want us all to get on our bikes and get healthy, cut greenhouse emissions, save on fuel etc (Such a lot of responsibility!) and is planning to invest lots of money into encouraging this. To begin with, Bristol is getting the extra dough to improve the cycling experience around that fair citiy. Well, they've already carved up the roads to make it as difficult as possible to drive a car round there so what have they got to lose?
However, I would really like them to have awarded the money to Wrexham, not just to create extra cycle paths but to flatten all the existing roads in and around the area so that I can get on my bike and ride. You see, my problem is that I don't 'do' hills, in fact, I don't do 'little slopes' either, and instead of dismounting gracefully, I have an unfortunate tendency to fall off, having inexplicably caught my foot somewhere in the process - I haven't quite worked that one out yet, but whatever the reason, I then find myself on the ground, all dignity gone. Luckily, to avoid the possibility of being seen by anyone, I only venture out on the bike at six o'clock on a Sunday morning.
Maybe skateboarding would be the way to go...


Mick's Page. said...

Hi Jenny.
I am galvanised into commenting on your post ‘Cycling City’.

Being a resident of this fair City of Bristol I feel the money could be better spent in improving the congestion on the roads, improving the road surface conditions, more car parks, a reliable and cheap integrated public transport system. I notice other cities can do it. why not Bristol?

Most of the important roads in, out and around Bristol already have a cycle lane, with a bus lane as well leaving the motorist with just one lane to drive on.

I think I’m right in saying that we already have 21-miles of cycle paths, converted old defunct railway lines and very good they are or so I am told, my age precludes me now from cycling, to old to get ‘my leg over’, hurriedly says over the cross bar and saddle.

When they were first opened they were well used and populated by all ages BUT they soon became the haven of muggers, robbers and scum, so much so that there has been one fatality, many injured some with permanent disability so the popularity to use them has fallen away, the cyclists now prefer to take their chances again on the public highways.

Every road, in my opinion, does have a cycle lane on it, I call them pavements.

Photograph please of you skateboarding. - Mick

Jennyta said...

Send me the skateboard and I'll send you the pics, Mick!
When I was recently visiting Dad there was an item on the local news about the attacks on cycle paths. A great shame.

Flighty said...

How about roller skates rather than a skateboard! xx

Jennyta said...

I never managed to cope with skates, Flighty. Come to that, skateboards sort of passed me by too. ;)

Flighty said...

I'd fall over on skates and off a skateboard!
Have a good weekend! xx

Ellee Seymour said...

Cambridge, which is close to me, has great cycle lanes, it's known as "cycle city".

Jennyta said...

Thanks, Flighty. You too.
Cambridge is my kind of place as far as cycling goes, Ellee! Flat!


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