Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Bird watching anyone?

Now that I have more time to 'stand and stare', I have rekindled my interest in birds. There are lots around here and I spend a little time every morning, weather permitting, just listening to the birdsong in the garden and testing my powers of indentification.
However, I was most impressed to see this on BBC Breakfast this morning. Haven't managed to spot any of those around here yet.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Birds have always been of great interest to me too though once when teaching in Hungary, I referred to someone I met as "that East German bird" and received a whack across the cheek from a feminist colleague who told me to get out of the room! "But it's my bedroom!" I retorted. As it happens, she was blonde.

Jennyta said...

Bedroom ... colleague .....blond colleague? Does your wife know about all this, YP???

Steve said...

Ooooh thanks for the Penguins. Brilliant. I remeber seeing a sequel to 'Fantasia' from the early 90s that was mostly forgettable apart from a sequence in which a school of whales flew to one of the Poles as Resphiggi's 'Pines of Rome' soundtracked it. The animation was stunning and the music was, as always, bliss.

Jennyta said...

I love Fantasia, Steve. Hope the new job is going well still.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Love the new format of your blog you techowizard! But these words -"The good side of getting older is that you have the confidence to say what you think, whether people like it or not. The downside is that you slide gradually into invisibility - unless you have 'attitude'!"
I disagree! The good thing about getting older is cocoa and the downside is becoming more smelly!

Jennyta said...

Speak for yourself, YP! I ain't getting smelly - I just use the old Chanel No. 5!


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