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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

TK's Insurance advice

 Is your insurance due for renewal in the new year? Check T.K.'s list below first...

Make sure you get the correct insurance for the sex you are having.
Find below a list of companies catering for most tastes:
Sex with your wife - Legal & General.
Sex on the telephone - Direct Line.
Sex with your Partner - Standard Life.
Sex with someone Different - Go Compare.
Sex with a lady of generous proportions - More Than.
Sex On the back seat of a car - Sheila's Wheels.
Sex with a posh bird - Privileged
Sex with a prostitute- Commercial Union ;
Sex with your maid- Employer's Liability.
Sex with an OAP - Saga !
Sex resulting in pregnancy- General Accident
and finally
Sex with a transvestite - 


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Ha! Ha!
Sex on a haystack - NFU Mutual
Sex before death - Suffolk Life
Sex threesome with a vicar and a doctor - Clerical Medical
Sex with your wife's best mate - Friends Provident
Sex with dyslexics - Kwik Fit Insurance
Sex with Welsh hill sheep - Simply Business

Jennyta said...

Nice one, YP! :)

Cro Magnon said...

Now you've got me wondering which one I should sign up to!

Jennyta said...

Now you've got ME wondering which YOU think you should sign up to! ;)


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