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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Car washing

I no longer go to Sainsbury's to do my main shop each week. I got tired of being pressurised by over-zealous assistants to use the self-scan tills (I consider that I do quite enough by actually having to go up and down the aisles to collect what I want, without having to scan it all as well!), and of having to beg under-zealous assistants at the tills to help me pack. (Don't they realise that it moves the queue along because the people behind are not having to wait for me to finish packing after I have paid?) I do still (dimly) remember being able to go into shops and be served by a friendly, smiley assistant so this 'take it or leave it' approach seems less than impressive, but enough about that. One of the other things recently introduced by Sainsbury's is a band of roving car-washers who accost anyone who parks there to offer a car-wash service while they are doing their shopping. I believe there are mixed reactions to this but, for all who are not keen on the service, I have a solution.
Since I have taken to drawing up on the car park in my Mitsubishi Pajero, not a small car by any stretch of the imagination, I have noticed  that, far from flocking over to persuade me to let them wash my car for a fiver, the car-washers are suddenly conspicuous by their absence, looking frantically around for another car, any normal sized car. After all, who wants the extra square footage if they can find a nice little mini?
Problem solved!


Lady Banana said...

We just park on the other side, but maybe we should let them do it, our little car is looking decidedly dusty! lol

Yorkshire Pudding said...

That has to be the most convoluted argument in favour of gas guzzling SUV and 4x4 vehicles I've ever heard. I won't tell you what the slang term "pajero" can mean in Spanish!.... However, I share your irritation with these bloody self-scanning points in supermarkets. Put more staff on and give us some service please!

Jennyta said...

Well, Lady B, it saves you having to do it. :)
YP I just KNEW your comment would be about gas guzzling cars but Keith needs something comfortable because of his leg problems.
Pajero in Spanish is....um...well, it's pajero! ;)

Shooting Parrots said...

Our local Morrisons has recently intrduced scan it yourself, replacing the one basket only queue.

It never ceased to amaze me how much stuff people could cram into a single basket, so I can sort of see their point, but I'm not sure it is working out in practice.

You can't just quickly whizz your shopping over the scanner quickly because they have to added to your bag one at a time to be weighed.

And something invariably goes wrong so that you have to wait for an assistant to come and override the machine.

I swear they have more staff employed on 'self-service' than they ever did on the old quick checkout.

Jennyta said...

Absolutely right, SP. At least Sainsbury's have kept the 'basket only' till.


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