"Well, there is only one piece of advice I can give you," said the wisest of wise men. "The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon."

('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And now over to the weather forecast...

It appears that BBC weather service has come in for some criticism recently for a certain lack of accuracy in its forecasts. Could be something to do with 'barbecue summer' and 'mild winter', but that's just a wild guess. However, forecasts on the radio and television over the last couple of days have brought 'fence sitting' to new heights.
The main gist has been as follows:
"There will be a swathe of snow stretching diagonally from north east Wales to the south east of England. Now just because we say that now, it doesn't mean that that is what is really going to happen. The snow could be rain or sleet, or it might end up somewhere quite different, like Scotland or Northern Ireland, or then again, it might be diverted to France, in which case Wales might be sunny and hot, although that is about as likely as having a barbecue summer in 2009 was. Of course, at this time of year, and in fact at any time of year, you have to remember that the weather is changeable (yes, really!) so you are not to get your knickers in a twist and start complaining if our forecast isn't quite accurate.
Actually, that's why we are issuing a Severe Weather Warning over the whole of the UK, just to cover all eventualities.
In fact, it's probably advisable to stay at home for the foreseeable future, just in case....You never know..."


  1. Lmao! I just take the forecasts with a pinch of salt now, or I would if we could get any!

  2. I must admit that like most people I moan when they get it wrong but do feel somewhat sorry for them as weather forecasting for the UK, especially beyond 24 hours, is apparently far more difficult than we imagine! xx

  3. I think that the problem is more than just the weather forecast. Whatever the weather does, this country is not prepared for it.

  4. Yes, Flighty, it was rather a tongue in cheek post, but I think you are right, CW. Although the weather here is so changeable and varied, we never seem to be prepared, even when we do get accurate warnings in plenty of time.

  5. DH and I have several weather widgets between us on our macs and none of them ever agree. The most accurate is looking out the window and seeing what is happening and going down the yard to read the thermometer. Said thermometer is not accurate if the sun is shining on it LOL

  6. Looking out of the window would seem to be a good idea, WendyCarole. At least you only have yourself to blame if you get it wrong! ;)

  7. I might be wrong but I think I detect a slight note of sarcasm in your parodying of a weather report. I must be one of the few people around who believes that on the whole our weather forecasters actually get it right. Our maritime climate is always going to be difficult to predict with 100% accuracy 365 days a year.

  8. I like the snowtograph at the top. Though I'm glad that the actual snow has melted and I am hoping it will be replaced by hot sunshine and palm trees very soon.

  9. As I said above, YP, it was a 'tongue in cheek' post. You must admit they got it very wrong when they forecast a 'barbecue summer' and a mild winter. :)
    Daphne, I hope it will soon reflect the tropical weather we so often enjoy here in north Wales. ;)
    (Oops, being sarcastic again.;()



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