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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Farewell, John

I was sad to hear the news this afternoon that John Sergeant has decided to leave 'Strictly Come Dancing' but, having read J.J.'s post, I am disgusted. The judges have been quite nasty to him over the past few weeks and I thought that last week they had possibly been told to lay off him as they were a little more positive, but this piece seems to indicate that his position has been made untenable by the other contestants. If this had happened in school or the workplace, it would have been denounced as bullying. Have they forgotten that all but one of them is going to be voted off during the next few weeks anyway? How sad that what should have been family entertainment during the weeks before Christmas should instead have deteriorated into a back-stabbing free-for-all for prima donnas.
For me, the fun has gone out of it and I'm not sure that I will bother watching the rest of the series. At least John Sergeant kept faith with the spirit in which the programme was conceived and remained a good sport throughout. It doesn't seem that anyone else did.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

John Sargeant was simply following the script that the "Strictly" scriptwriters work out months in adavance of each series to add spice and drama to the proceedings. This ensures plenty of column inches in the preferred newspaper of "Strictly's" target viewers - "The Sun"!

J.J said...

Plenty of column inches in the Guardian too YP!

And yes Jenny - if what THE TIMES (also many column inches!) said is right the otehr contestents make me sick.

Jennyta said...

How cynical, YP! ;)
JJ, it's really put me off watching it any more.


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