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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A busy week

Lots of running around and organising things has been going on this week chez Jennyta. For various reasons, not least of which is 'because we want to,' we have decided that we want to up sticks and move to France; not next week, you understand, but in the not too distant future.
So this week, I have been mainly meeting with estate agents and showing them round our palatial mansion, resulting in an interesting range of reactions and suggested prices.
One wanted us to practically re-decorate the whole house and redesign the front garden for her to take it on board, whilst another quoted a suggested asking price considerably less than the others and hoped I hadn't spent too much on having the conservatory built, with the inference that it would have been a waste of money as regards selling the house. He spent most of his time enthusing about France and telling me about his recent holiday there before apparently realising that he needed to be somewhere else, as he put it 'to ruin someone else's afternoon.' Naturally, we want to sell the house and so are all in favour of a realistic price but we also don't want to give it away!
Anyway, the choice of estate agent has now been made and the HIP (Home Information Pack) ordered and paid for - with gritted teeth - and a programme of touching up, brightening up and tidying up has begun.
Now the good side of this, from my point of view anyway, is that all the estate agents, without exception, suggested that it might be a positive selling point if NASA were no longer commandeering the living room. Now that Keith has his new laptop, a little twist to his arm has persuaded him that the PC can now be moved upstairs to the study to do duty as a server and the living room can finally become a 'proper' living room.
My dream of achieving the minimalist look may at last become a reality!


Keith said...

You Hope !!!!!!


Jennyta said...

Trust me, Honey!!! xx

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Moving to France, ey? You are so brave. I am sure you are well aware that these are not the most optimistic of times but that could help you to pick up a bargain property. I wish you good luck.

Rosie said...

Typical isn't it, just as you are about to move you get the house finally looking how you wanted it to look. Good luck with the plans and I look forward to reading how it all goes.

Jennyta said...

Thanks, Rosie and YP. WE know it's not the best time in the world to sell property but, for various reasons, we feel we need to do it sooner rather than later.

gemmak said...

Wow!!!...moving to France, how fabulous :o) Go for it...and as fast as possible.

I would love to move overseas...one day.... :o)

Jennyta said...

Thanks Gemmak. When we have our gite set up, you can come and stay. :)


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