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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back again

Yes, I know I have been conspicuous by my absence for a few days but I just haven't been in the mood for blogging, I'm afraid. A distinct lack of energy and motivation has been the problem, which could just be a bit of reaction to what happened in France as Keith has been similarly afflicted. However, I haven't been languishing on the sofa doing nothing, oh no. There have been the insurance claims to sort out, which fortunately, have been fairly straighforward, so we have now replaced our laptops and GPS, which just leaves the phones.
Now that's another story. We have a contract with a company called Challenger, and boy is that name appropriate. It started off all-right. We were given new sim cards in loan phones (the size of small house bricks, but they work) and told that our account handler would be in touch when he returned from his holiday. That was a week ago yesterday. Since then, Keith has managed to speak to him twice, each time to be told that he was just about to go into a meeting and would return his call afterwards. You can guess the rest.
So, ever the impatient, I decided to take the bull by the horns and ring the company myself.
"Oh, hasn't he got back to you yet?" the receptionist tutted. I'll send him an email right away and I'll email his boss too."
"I'd be glad if you could do that," I said. "Keith needs his phone and especially the mobile broadband for work and it's causing him problems not having it."
Another day passed.
Today I tried again.
Again the receptionist commiserated with me and announced that she would put me through to the boss, only to report seconds later that, guess what, he was on his mobile, but he would return my call as soon as he had finished.
Half an hour later, I decided that he must have finished his call by now and rang again, this time to be answered by another of the office staff who toddled off to find out what was going on and came back saying...yes, you've guessed it... our account handler would ring me back before the end of the day.
I am presuming she meant midnight, as I am, yet again, still waiting.
Tomorrow, they ain't gonna know what hit them.
Jenny is not happy!


Jay said...

I think at this point I'd start ringing them on the hour, every hour, being very polite, but persistent. Start asking for the mobile number of your account handler, and the number of his boss. Write a letter too, saying how unhappy you are with the way things are being (not) dealt with.

Isn't there some kind of insurance ombudsman?

I'm sorry you're having to go through this after the robbery. The insurance part shouldn't be so stressful. :(

Flighty said...

I sympathise, and I wouldn't be happy either!
Have a good weekend! xx

Jennyta said...

Good advice, Jay!
Thanks, Flighty. You too. :)


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