"Well, there is only one piece of advice I can give you," said the wisest of wise men. "The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon."

('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Friday Fun on Saturday

Friday Fun
I started trying to track down the origins of this idea but then I realized that my sweater was completely unraveled. Still, a bunch of bloggers with cameras are having fun with it so here goes: Ask your readers to think of three photos they'd like to see posted to your blog. (Things around your house or whatever.) When you have enough requests, post them! See:
How to post pictures for help. Have fun! – Biz [10/1/2004 11:23:20 AM]

Saw this interesting idea on Blogger News so, with some reservations, I thought I would give it a whirl. So if any readers of this blog can think of three photos they would like to see on it, as long as they are 'reasonable,' I will do my best to comply. Something along the lines of things around the house or garden is the example given, so, be warned in advance! I shall be vetting any suggestions made ve e ery carefully.
OK folks, with that in mind, get thinking! :)


Dale said...

Three things I'd like to see, eh? Well, I've often wondered what Keith looks like. I'm always curious about where people live, so I'd love to see your home as it might appear to me if I were driving past. And maybe a shot of the computer shop as well.

PS. I like this idea, Jenny. Maybe I'll do it too, although it would take me a bit longer to post pics because I haven't got a digital camera.

Jennyta said...

Thanks, Dale. I can manage those three, but it won't be till Monday, as I haven't got a picture of the shop or the outide of our house to hand.

gemmak said...

I have three....
1. your dog
2. keith
3 I have always wanted to see a pic of blog friends at their computer as they are when they blog, so a pic of you at your pc.

gemmak said...


This seems like quite fun, may I steal the idea when I get back from holiday?

Jennyta said...

No problem - I'll get onto those today, Gemmak, and of course you can use the idea.

magz said...

Hi Jenny! what fun! I read this on the blogger page and toyed with the idea, and while I was here the other day somehow i missed your post on this! (saw it today on gemmaks... and put in my 3 requests to her, lol) I did read about your furniture woes.. how's that workin out?
Here's my 3 for you
1 a sheep of course! I love the stoopid little wooly buggers too!
2 The dasboard of the car you drive every day
3 the shampoo bottles in your shower/tub


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