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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Service with a smile???

Reading Gemmak yesterday on her experiences of the non-appearance of a delivery gave me some cause for concern. You see, a couple of months ago, we decided that we needed a decent recliner chair and sofa instead of the extremely average and not particularly comfortable ones that we already have. We eventually found something to suit - so comfortable we may well never wish to sit anywhere else again! But of course, we couldn't have them for several weeks, which wasn't a major problem as we were about to go on holiday anyway. So we gave the shop our holiday dates and pointed out that we wouldn't be at home during that fortnight.
Needless to say, the day we came home, there was a message on our answerphone asking us to pay the balance so that the furniture could be delivered. This was followed, during the next two days by 4 more phone calls along the same lines. Last week, I got a phone call from the furniture depot telling me that the furniture would be delivered tomorrow and I would get a text message yesterday informing me of the time of delivery.
I did want to believe it and be impressed, honestly!
Well, yesterday came and went and so did most of today and my phone remained messageless. As I hadn't taken the paperwork to the shop with me, I couldn't ring to chase things up until I came home, after 5.30 and, guess what? The depot closes at 5.30! So I rang the shop.
"Oh, sorry, we don't deal with deliveries. You'll have to ring the depot."
You mean the one that closes at 5.30?"
"Oh, I don't think they close that early."
"Yes they do, I've just tried to phone. As you made so many phone calls to ask us to pay the balance, I think you should at least make some effort to track down our furniture!"
I went on to explain that I needed to know whether to stay in tomorrow or not and that I didn't feel I should need to stay in the whole day anyway, I painted a picture of us sitting on the floor, having given away our present suite - all to no avail. In the end, he passed the matter on to his manager, who reiterated that there was no way of contacting anyone before tomorrow.
"They have had problems with text messages being received by customers," she said.
So wouldn't it be a good idea to phone people instead?
"Oh, I don't think they know how to use a phone!" she trilled. Ha, Ha!!
An hour later, another phone call, this time from a very nice, "don't shoot the messenger" type lady, who informed me, very apologetically that one of our items of furniture (she didn't say which) had been lost in the warehouse, so, although 'they' were searching for it as she spoke, our furniture would not be delivered tomorrow. So when? Who knows?


gemmak said...

Doesn't it just drive you demented! I used to have to arrange and deal with deliveries in my job and whilst we didn't always get it right we did alot better than your and my experiences of late. At least when we messed up we fell over ourselves to put it right and make recompense............fat chance now. The trick is to have the same person arranging deliveries as the one taking the frap if it goes wrong! It kinda concentrates the mind when you have to take the fallout for errors too! :o)

Jennyta said...

You've hit the nail on the head. If someone would actually take responsibility for what's happened it wouldn't be so bad! Hope you got your delivery eventually!

gemmak said...

oooppsss @ 'frap', you know the word I meant :o/

And yes thanks my delivery came in the end with much apologising from the driver which somewhat took thw wind oyt of my sails and prevented him from my full wrath! hehe

Hope yours is 'found' before too long, the word refund has a habit of ensuring action where I work! :o)

Railwayman39 said...

Many years ago we ordered some carpet from a well known store and called in while passing to ask when it would be delivered. The young girl on the couter went to ask one of the clerks who was busy talking to his neighbour, probably about football or girls who without hesitation said" 7 to 10 days" which she relayed back to me. I said "Ask him to come here" Eventually after "well he's very busy" and all that he condescended to come and speak to a mere customer. It wenr a bit like this
" You just said 7 to 10 days"
"So you don't really know"
"Yes 7 to 10 days"
"Look mate, I work in a buying department in fact I am the Assistant Buying Manager and I know that 7 to 10 days is the standard reply when you have no idea of when delivery will be"
" Oh well that's the info I have"
" And when I ask next week it will 10 to 14 days because that is always the next step. Look mate just go and find out."
"Well it's Staurday and there will be nobody there"
"Right so on Monday you will get a definite date and when I ring you on Tuesday you will tell me. Now what is your name?"
I had better explain that all this was in my best Nothern accent which is not readily understood here in the deep south. He didn't like being called mate either.
It all ran smoothly after that and I was able to ring the manager and congratulate him on the excellence of the carpet and the fitting.
The way ahead is to let them know that you are the customer and in effect paying their wages
If the transaction goes well and smoothly it is as well to ring and tell the manager so and ask for it to be passed on.

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