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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Back to curriculum

Arts week is over, back to normal timetable this week. The children are fidgety (and overtired from watching too much football too late on TV!), I'm slightly irritable (only slightly, of course!)
Next week is Design and Technology week - or, to be more accurate, Design and Technology 3 days. Brilliant! Another chance to explore seldom visited areas of interest....
Subject - Textile tree. Now this term, our science has been Materials related, our art has been Materials related. You might be forgiven for thinking that we have done materials to death, but no - lest we should run away with the idea that there could be other, more interesting things to grapple with, our D&T is also Materials related.
Interesting!!! A totally alien concept to the originators of the National Curriculum. (Who in their right mind, for instance, could possibly imagine that Victorian washing days would be remotely interesting to 5 to 7 year olds? )But that's another story and I digress.
So, we are not going to spend 3 days learning to wrap cardboard cylinders in different fabrics (Yes, honestly! No kidding!!!)
We are going to design and print patterns on T shirts, have a go at tie dying (remember that?), create masterpieces of collage.
To put it differently we are going to have FUN while we learn!
Watch this space!! :-)


Sarah Millard said...

Re: "Who in their right mind, for instance, could possibly imagine that Victorian washing days would be remotely interesting to 5 to 7 year olds?" It never ceases to amze me what a 6 year old brain can handle! GMTV is running a "pick the right answer to the stupid question and text us" competition to win a holiday to a Caribbean Island at the moment. "Oooh, I'd love to go there" says Daughty no. 2, aged 6. Me, smartypants "And where exactly is that then, Jasmine?" Jasmine, sighing: "St. Loosha. (yep, that phonetically!) Look, those are the Pee-tons", pointing to the mountains on the telly... I wouldn't mind but for the tone of degradation she used...

Jennyta said...

Ah yes, but that's because St Lucia is part of the National Curriculum geography syllabus. Mind you, your daughter did very well because it's normally part of Key stage 2 syllabus. Don't mind me, I just get cheesed off by aspects of teaching today because, while I recognise that things did need bringing up to scratch, I think they have thrown a lot of the good out with the bad. Anyway, or planned activities for D&T next week might not happen anyway as I am now not having my classroom assistant as planned - but that's another story!!!


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