Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Ringtones again

Yesterday was a busy day. I seemed to be chasing my tail all day. Added to that was the knowledge that Keith's seven year old grandson was ill. He had been ill since the previous day and, to cut a long story short, Keith and his daughter ended up taking him to hospital at 10pm, where he was looked after very well by the staff of the Maelor (unlike the laid-back dilatory attitude displayed by Shropdoc, the out of hours G.P. substitute around here.)

However, amid all the worry and concern, there was one lighter moment inadvertently caused by Keith himself. Whilst in the hospital, his mobile phone rang - in all the chaos, he'd forgotten to turn it off. Nothing amusing in itself but his current ringtone is the opening few bars from Thunderbirds - (OK, I know it's not a patch on mine, which is Lulu singing Shout! but he just hasn't got such good taste!) so as the strident tones of "5.....4.....3.....2....1 etc" resounded throughout the A & E department, Keith, instead of switching it off, as anyone normal would do, proceded to charge headlong towards the exit, phone in hand as if he were a bomb disposal expert, almost causing one of the nurses to have a heart attack as he raced past!
He did go back to apologise - which only proves the truth of what I always say:
You can take him anywhere once, and then back again to apologise!


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