Thursday, November 16, 2017


For the past few weeks, I have been plagued by arthritis in my left knee. A couple of years ago, I had it in my right knee, although it did subside partly, I think, because I started taking Turmeric capsules. People may wonder about that, but all I can say is that it made an almost instantaneous difference, although when Keith tried it for his ankle, it didn't help at all.
So, fast forward to now and here I am hobbling around with a growing collection of knee supports and trying to keep it exercised as much as possible, because Elder Daughter tells me that 'knees love exercise.' I'm sure she's right, but my knee doesn't seem too grateful for it these days!

"I have a couple of bolts in the shed that you could use," said Keith helpfully, watching me strap said joint up in a knee brace.

"It's OK," I replied, "you keep those for your neck."


Dale said...

LMAO!! Good one, Jenny!

Do you know the one about the man who named his dog "Blacksmith"?

The man said every time he yelled at the dog, it made a bolt for the door.


Jennyta said...

The groany ones are the best, Dale! :)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Sorry to hear about your knee Jenny. I had to see a physiotherapist about my right knee and was given some simple exercises to do. Though the discomfort and outright pain have not entirely gone away they now spend most of their time in their cage. It's about muscle as well as bone.

Jennyta said...

Yes, I got exercises first time round, so I've used them again this time. The human body needs to thorough overhaul, I think. ;)


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