Wednesday, September 20, 2017

More protesting?

This week seems to be one for protesting about what is or is not being done that should or should not be being done - if you follow my drift.
After a brief segu─Ś into ringing the council to point out that, once again, the playing field has not been mown once since late spring and when are they going to do something about it, I went back to my Welsh class.

Remember this, about the reduction of choices available?
Well, now that the local FE college has responsibility for delivering Welsh courses locally, the cost has doubled and there are no concessions as there were with Prifysgol Bangor and there are fewer course venues available.

We have more or less finished our course started under Bangor but there was a problem on the horizon. It seemed that Coleg Cambria had won the contract knowing full well that they did not currently have a Uwch course, which should be where my group goes next. Fast forward to the present. As the courses are now developed nationally, it was decided that the new Uwch course would be trialled in south Wales this year, so yes, you've guessed it, no course for us!

Not that that deterred Coleg Cambria from taking our money under the guise of enrolling us on the Uwch course (Yes, that's right, the one that's not yet available).

Fortunately, our current tutor is a star and is 'getting round the problem', so he will be providing us with .... something, but I'm not allowed to say more!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

I like the fact that you are getting rebellious in your senior years..."The Jenny United Will Never Be Defeated!" Where there is injustice or stupidity we do ourselves a grave injustice if we say nothing.

Jenny Aspin said...

If we stand by and do nothing, we don't then have the right to complain when it all goes wrong. :)


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