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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Monday, February 01, 2016

All quiet on the midnight front

After a fairly quiet day yesterday, Dad needed medication to settle him again last night. A district nurse came in the evening to administer it, warning me that some time in the early hours, he might become restless again and need a top up. As it happened, he didn’t. He slept soundly all night, but I thought it would be better to sleep downstairs this time, instead of upstairs with the baby alarm.
This is where the advantages of a small house suddenly become less obvious.
Dad had a two seater sofa in his living room, which needed to go to make room for the hospital bed and anyway, a two seater is not really long enough to sleep on, not if you want to stretch your legs, anyway. He also has a rise and recline chair, which we kept and which is very comfortable for sitting on. Sadly, it’s not so comfortable to sleep on.
By two am, I had finally figured out a way to lie on it which was not too detrimental to my back and I did actually manage to sleep maybe fifty percent of the night, in short bursts, but being a bit on the greedy side, where sleep is concerned, that still left me feeling a little the worse for wear today.
Today, Dad has had a syringe fitted, which will administer his medication in short, measured doses throughout twenty four hours, so I am very hopeful that he will have another good night.
For me, it’s back upstairs with the baby monitor and hopefully, an equally good night’s sleep.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

There is something very poignant about a grown up daughter using a baby monitor to check on her father when the instrument was intended to monitor small children. What goes around comes around.

ZACL said...

Backs and sleeping in odd places and positions are not good bedfellows, as no doubt, you know only too well. Hope you get some proper rest.

You are super! xx


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