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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Leave it with a neighbour?

A few months ago, Royal Mail informed us all that, in future, if there is no-one at home, they will deliver parcels to a neighbour, unless we opt out. I am sure of this, having just checked it on their website and the reason I felt the need to check it was that I was beginning to wonder if I had dreamt the whole thing. Basically, it ain't happening!
Keith orders keys, transponders etc for work on an almost daily basis and, if he is out in the morning on a job, then yours truly has to do her best to arrange her timetable round possible/probable visits from the postman. So this morning, for instance, I risked taking Paddy for his walk and then legged it home when I spotted the post van and waited in until we got our mail. There was also going to be a delivery from another company and luckily, that arrived at the same time. "Pretty safe to go out now," I said to Jake and he leapt around excitedly.
Wrong! Postman sneakily came back with two packages while we were out and dropped the dreaded 'You were out' card through the door.
Last time I had to go and retrieve a parcel from the local delivery office, I asked about this new plan.
"Oh, I think it depends on the individual postman," said the woman at the counter. The more astute among you may be wondering about the point of introducing the initiative if its execution depends on the whims of individual postmen, but I kept my counsel and, the next time I had to chase up the road after the postman to retrieve an undelivered package, I asked him about it.
"Oh well, we don't like to do it for things that need to be signed for," he said, "unless you specifically ask for it."
So, I specifically asked for it and requested that, in future, he should feel quite easy about delivering to our neighbours, one of whom is practically chained to the house at present after she took delivery - of a baby.
So the fact that I specifically requested the service must be the reason why I got home after Jake's walk  this morning to find the familiar red card in the letter box!
Maybe I need to say it in Welsh!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Where did your neighbour order the baby from? Only I'd like one this Christmas as turkeys are getting far too expensive. Regarding difficulties with parcel deliveries, just create an extra large letter box so that parcels of any size may be delivered with ease.

Jennyta said...

Baby came from Sainsbury's, I think, YP. It's the nearest supermarket. If we enlarge the letter box, we may end up with more than we bargained for. ;)

WendyCarole said...

We have opted out. Our street has a very transient population and don't get to know many neighbours. The ones we do know work.

WendyCarole said...

PS aren't babies left under gooseberry bushes any more?

cheshire wife said...

I am not sure if we have opted in or out, as we get on with one neighbour but not the other.

Cro Magnon said...

We are now (almost) obliged to have large metal free-standing letter boxes, where the postie can reach them through his/her car window. Luckily most parcels would fit inside. Previously, our post was simply dumped on the kitchen table; more personal somehow.

Shooting Parrots said...

Don't get me started on the 'you were out' cards. I know for sure that the postie just sticks them through the letterbox without knocking even though it's obvious we are in because of the cars on the drive. It's all down to the time and motion men at the PO that say how quickly posties should finish their round.

snowbird said...

Lol....I think you'll have to say it in Welsh, put it in writing, post signs, and even then I'm not hopeful re your chances! How annoying though.xxx

ZACL said...

Try writing/saying what you would like in Welsh, French, Italian, Spanish, Urdu, Hindi, and Mandarin, (it's the court language). If these don't work,you can attempt some others, starting with English, Celtic (Irish), Gaelic, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and so on.

We heard about the P.O. leaving packages/parcels elsewhere, in the media. I haven't opted in or out as there hasn't been a civic announcement here. I like the neighbours I know, and we do help each other out. I draw the line at taking anything, including signed for mail, (from any organisation) for people I do not know. I was pleased to hear hubby resisting one deliveryman's entreaties to take a package for a stranger. I would not want anyone to give my orders to people I don't know. There are cases with courier services where no message has been left as to where goods have gone and then, they are never seen.

On mail order my special request to the delivery people specifies my delivery wishes. Woe betide anyone who leaves things on my doorstep. I gave Lakeland a row for permitting their delivery people to do that, and, after I had given strict instructions against it, which I made sure were noted on their systems.

Sage said...

I had the same thing, luckily I have a big porch, so now I have a sign saying please leave parcels in the porch.. doesn't stop them tho... hate this system at least the old postie used to sign on my behalf and leave it for me .. now I have to frequent the parcel shop which only stays open until 2pm sigh xx

Jennyta said...

If they say the will deliver to neighbours, they should do so, though, Sage.

Jennyta said...

I have often taken in parcels for neighbours around here (non Royal Mail) but I always make sure the delivery man has left a card at the delivery address.


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