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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Not in the genes

We were listening, early this morning, to Radio 4's Farming Today, where the focus was on sheepdogs, border collies in particular, some of which are apparently sold for around £2000. Keith pricked his ears up at this.
"Hmm, I wonder if we can train him," he said, indicating our own smart, pure bred border collie extremely average mongrel with a bit of border terrier in him.
"Border terriers, even proper ones, are not the same as border collies," I reminded him but, not to be deterred, he began trying to put Paddy through his paces.
"Come by!"
Paddy put his head up to be stroked and wagged his tail as Keith tutted in disgust.
Bearing in mind that I don't generally let him off his lead when we're out anyway because, if he spots a cat, rabbit or squirrel, he would be halfway to Chester before I could say 'Jack Robinson' (or anything else for that matter), and we have cows round here, rather than sheep, I can't really see that there would be many opportunities for him to hone his (obviously non-existent) skills anyway.
"It's just not in his genes," I say.
Of course, now we know someone who does have a sheep - in his back garden!
I'll be round with Paddy tomorrow, YP.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

My Beau has been trained to savage animals of the canine persuasion. Paddy will get a big fright when Beau bares his/her/its teeth and chases Paddy to the local dog pound. It will be a big hit on YouTube.

Jennyta said...

Ah, but you didn't see him chasing the wagon full of pigs, YP. Your sheep wouldn't stand a chance!


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