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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Family trees

They're fascinating and very addictive, I've discovered as I have recently taken advantage of the two week trial membership of Ancestry.co.uk and have spent almost every waking hour of the last couple of days delving back into the misty realms of my forebears. One branch leads back to the twelfth century - that would be our Norman connection, then, you know, the Grosveneurs, de Veres and de Leighs. Name dropping? Moi?
It is noticeable how firmly rooted Dad's family is in Cheshire and Mum's in Shropshire, with a few forays into Staffordshire and Worcestershire. Families of ten children were not uncommon and a fair few  were married more than once - no doubt because the poor wives either died in childbirth or were worn out by producing so many children.
I often watch the advert for Ancestry.co.uk and wish that we really could talk to family members through the ages but, in the meantime, I'll carry on with the investigations and a bit of imagination. At least the dining room table is now covered with sheets of family tree, a change for the better from Keith electronics.


Rosie said...

I did the same last Summer and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Sadly no rich relatives found but a skeleton in the cupboard. My holier than though grandmother who threw her daughter out on the street during WWII for getting pregnant when not married, didn't marry my grandfather until 3 years after her first child was born. My dad was 1yr old and seemed to live it appears they lived together before going to a registry office and making it official.
It is a fascinating isn't it researching ones own ancestry?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I think if you followed Keith's ancestry back, you would soon reach cavemen!...Maybe I'll follow your example this winter when I can't get out and dig into Ancestry.com. Good idea.

Jennyta said...

Amazing the things you find, Rosie.
YP it's a great way of spending time. The day is over before you realise it!

Anonymous said...

It can be addictive. My sister got into researching shipping passenger list and found some of our relatives on a ship to Valpariso. I can't remember if they came back though.

Jennyta said...

It certainly is fascinating, Lucy.


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