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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Upper end of normal

This morning was my appointment with the nurse for BP and cholesterol test. She looked vaguely familiar when I went in and then I remembered, in her other life, she is one of the receptionists. I was hoping she was also trained for taking blood, as she sank a painful needle into my arm. I explained about my 'white coat syndrome' which means that my blood pressure tends to rise when it's taken in the surgery or hospital and told her what it had been at home earlier. She nodded politely and then told me that it was now a little lower than that.
"Upper end of normal. I'll pass it on to the doctor," she said.
"I would prefer not to have medication if I can do without it," I said. "Of course, if I could lose a few pounds it would help. They say it's more difficult to lose weight after the menapause - it certainly is!"
She, stick thin, nodded politely.
"I walk about 45 minutes every day with the dog," I continued desperately, "and I eat healthy stuff..."
She nodded politely.
"The results of the cholesterol test should be back on Wednesday," she said.
"Right," I said and got up to leave.
It's just great getting feedback, don't you think?


WendyCarole said...

I hate it when people are like that. Not helpful at all. The present nurse, health practitioner and the trainee are always very nice at my practice.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

If the cholesterol level's too high you will have to start using Flora margarine, also no more eggs, cheese, cream cakes, chips, sausages, chocolate, celery, tomatoes... oh dear, I'm getting carried away with myself. Just, no more!

Jennyta said...

So they should all be, I think, WendyCarole.
YP, maybe I'll just go and eat worms... as the poem says. :)

John Gray said...

have we been to the same clinic
was she around 12 with a big bust and too much make up?

Jennyta said...

No, John, around 50 but very slim. (I hate her!) ;)


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