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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

B&Q Baby Boomer

Having paid a visit to a friend's new house the other day and seen, with envy and admiration, how much work she has done on it, decoration-wise, I have decided that the time has come to grab the bull by the horns and start decorating again. I have done it before. A few years ago, I decorated the living room, dining room and kitchen and later, the bathroom and conservatory. Being a newcomer to decorating - in my previous life, I was always relegated to stripping wallpaper and clearing up the mess - the results were by no means perfect, but by the time I was on to the conservatory, I think a degree of improvement was evident - if you squinted sideways through one eye at it, anyway.
So today, much to Keith's consternation, I called at B&Q and bought the requisites for doing the dining room and kitchen. I've got it sorted this time. Walls and ceilings will be white; that way it doesn't matter if I go over the edge with the paint. Simples!
I also remembered to register my 'over sixties' 10% off card and used it for the first time.
So now, I'm a member of the B&Q over-sixties club.
A B&Q Baby Boomer! Not sure how I feel about that...


Shooting Parrots said...

For a moment I thought the bull you were grabbing by the horns might be Keith being pressed into decorating service, but clearly you are a woman of many talents.

Silverback said...

I think you should've used that 10% card to rent a proper decorator for a few days. But good luck and hope you can get to those awkward parts around the chandeliers.

Jennyta said...

SP, the day Keith sees the need for decorating, hell will be freezing over. ;) Actually, he can't because of his leg and ankle problems.

What do you mean 'proper decorator', Ian? What do you think I am??

WendyCarole said...

there I was getting all excited thatI could have one but you need a driving licence passport or bus pass to prove your age. Don't have any of them.

Jennyta said...

But you have a birth certificate, WendyCarole! :)

Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen said...

I don't think white will suit your personality dearie. My advice is to go for a rich, deep tangerine with mauve ceilings and an MDF screen with golden turrets to mask NASA from the rest of the downstairs.

John Gray said...

as a mini baby boomer
its shite isnt it...I still feel 28

Jennyta said...

And would you like to come and do it for us, please, Laurie dear?

John, it is indeed. Time marches inexorably on and before we know it, we're senior citizens! I'm just going with the concept of 60 being the new 40. ;)


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