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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Taking the horse out for the day?

I have been out shopping this morning so I am a bit late with my post and John has got in first with this little item. The horse was apparently a Welsh mountain pony which generally stand under 12 hands high, but even so, Arriva trains didn't feel able to accommodate it. However, I remain unconvinced and I am sure that in pre 'Health and Safety' days when every inch of our lives was not controlled by rules and regulations  of varying degrees of sense and usefulness, the kindly guard would have said, "Come on, boyo," (or something like that), "no-one's looking, pop him in the guard's van and we'll say no more about it."
But I think the best part of the tale (no pun intended) is the reaction of the staff at Wrexham Maelor hospital when the man also took his horse there:
A spokesman for Wrexham Maelor Hospital said it was unable to do anything for the animal.
“We can confirm that a man did turn up with a horse in A&E, but we were unable to treat the horse,” he said.
Really, you couldn't make it up. However, I hope the Maelor then directed him a little further up the road and round the corner to Rhyd Broughton vetinary centre, where they treat a variety of animals, including horses.
And if a sheep can go to Slovenia in a car, why can't a horse go to Holyhead on a train?


John Gray said...

apologies for stealing your thunder

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Let's see elephants in Debenhams, rhinos in Homebase, gaggles of geese in Boots as we extend the principles of democracy to other species.

Jennyta said...

No problem, John. :)
Rhinos in Homebase would be an excellent ides, YP. If nothing else, it might shake up the dreadful level of service in there! ;)


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