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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Printers and hard drives

We seem to be having computer-related problems recently. Keith, who depends a great deal on his computers, internet etc in his work has had ongoing problems so he bought a new, compact computer, which he then discovered didn't have the old comm ports, which he needs for some of his hardware, so then he bought a new box and the wherewithall to put in it, only to discover that the motherboard didn't have something or other. (Bored? You will be!) Now his current hard drive is protesting, necessitating a quick visit to Maplin's for a new one and he is now patiently toiling away in the van transferring millions of megabytes from various hard drives to the new one.
This is the thing with Keith. He seems to collect hard drives. There is a small tower of them in the study and the computer in the living room needs a reinforced floor under it as it contains several, not all of which are still working, but the task of checking them all will wait for another day.
In the midst of all this, our printer seems to have curled up in the corner in a huff, which could mean more shopping.
Oh, and while trying to fix the printer, he has inflicted several large scratches on the coffee table. Maybe I'd better not mention that just yet...


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Isn't it great living this hi-tech, wi-fi-ed, worldwide webbed and computerised life? Everything there at the click of the mouse button - including French polishers who will, for a few francs, soothe away the scratches from your coffee table. By the way, my mother was never bored.

Jennyta said...

It is indeed, YP and I'm glad to hear it. ;)


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