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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Saturday, October 09, 2010

The mystery of the trees

At the bottom of our back garden is a fence and on the other side of the fence is a strip of land between us and the playing field beyond. At one time there was a railway track there, long since gone, and there is a useful dog-walking path stretching for part of the way but there are also trees, a lot of tall, mature trees which, whilst useful for shade on hot, sunny days  and a perfect environment for birdlife and squirrels, are becoming a little too tall and prominent. Half our small garden is overhung by the branches and that, as well as the clay soil, probably explains why I can never get anything to grow here. Getting someone in to cut them back sufficiently to make a noticeable difference would probably cost an arm and a leg and  anyway, they are not our trees so the task should be someone else's responsibility.
With this in mind, I embarked on a search for the owners - fruitlessly, as it turned out. After much time on the phone and the internet, I discovered that this land does not belong to the local council, Arriva trains or British Rail but eventually I discovered that in 1960, the owner of the land had been one Mr R. Price.
And there the trail ran cold. Price is a very common name, especially in Wales and I couldn't track down a likely address.
So, if Mr R. Price. sometime of our area, is reading this, could I invite him to come and cut his trees back,


Reginald Price said...

Dear Madam,
Every time my beloved wife bore me a child, I planted one of those trees. As our children have grown to maturity, so too have their lovely trees. In other words - THE TREES ARE STAYING!
Reggie Price

Jennyta said...

OK, Reggie, nice, complimentary comments on my blog from now on - or the tree gets it. Know what I mean? Heh, heh, heh.

Shooting Parrots said...

My advice would be to tell Railtrack that the trees are listing heavily in the wind and threatening life and limb. The health and safety wallahs will be round like a shot.

Jennyta said...

There is no longer a track there, though, SP. They say they don't own the land so they wouldn't have any responsibility for it.

Shooting Parrots said...

But if people walk there and you live nearby. H&S will have their tracker dogs out and locate the owner for you. Cunning plan, eh?

Jennyta said...

Worth a try, SP. ;)

flightplot said...

Trees in the wrong place like this can be a real problem. It's a shame that your garden suffers as it does but I am at a loss to suggest any remedy! Flighty xx

Jennyta said...

Moving house, maybe, Flighty! ;)


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