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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Prescriptions and chemists

Every so often, Keith and I need prescriptions renewed and the usual process is that I ring the surgery (only between 11am and 11.05am of course, otherwise there is no answer), ask for the prescription and it is sent to the local chemist for me to pick up a day later. The surgery and its local chemist are both a few miles away but recently our local branch of Boots, which is nearer and more convenient, has begun offering the collection service so, for the past few occasions, I have used them. There are, however, certain drawbacks:

  • Prescriptions can't be collected early as there is no pharmacist until 10am.
  • Sometimes, presecriptions can't be picked up at all, if the pharmacist doesn't turn up.
  • Prescriptions take a day longer because they are made up in Boots in town and then sent out.
  • If they haven't got the medication in stock, they just don't bother.
  • If the prescription contains a misprint (eg 1g), they don't bother contacting the surgery to check it out.
So, after experiencing all of the above on different occasions, I decided to call it a day and ask for future presecriptions to be sent to the independent pharmacy near the surgery, as before and today I went to pick up the latest ones. Within the couple of minutes it took me to cast a quick glance over the make up stands and work my way to the counter, the assistant had my package ready and waiting and had only to check my name and address.
"How did you know?" I asked. She nodded to the pharmacist. "She told me."
I have no idea how the pharmacist knows my name as I only ever go there every few weeks to pick up prescriptions and haven't been for a couple of months, but I was most impressed.
Why on earth did I  even consider going to Boots rather than coming here? I thought as I went back to the car park.
The answer, of course, was that Boots is nearer and I can call there when I do the weekly shopping but some things are more important. From now on, it will be the independent pharmacy.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

All of us should make a more conscious effort to shop at independent businesses. I was in Sheffield centre just yesterday and needed lunch. Often I'd just opt for the convenience of McDonalds but this time I went to an independent eatery off the high street. It was better food, roughly the same price but I felt happier that my pounds would be in local hands.

Anonymous said...

Boots is certainly not the chemist it used to be sadly! Thankfully I have a good local chemist that I use. Flighty xx

Jennyta said...

Yes indeed, YP. We have a lovely local cafe near here which serves delicious meals at a fraction of the price of the chains.
Flighty, I think you are right. The service in our local Boots leaves a lot to be desired.

cheshire wife said...

Pleased to see the independent pharmacy giving good service. Pharmacists do remember people, even if the don't see them very often.

Jennyta said...

Yes, they do seem to have good memories, CW! :)

Shooting Parrots said...

We have a choice of pharmacies close to our GP surgery -- a large Boots, a smaller one and a recently opened Lloyd's -- but I stick with the Co-op which employs people who know what they're doing and you know where the profits are going.

Jennyta said...

Sounds like a good choice, SP.


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