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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A meaningful conversation

This morning, Keith and I had a conversation which we have never had before. Before anyone's imagination begins to race, it was about football, or more specifically, about the apparently disappointing result of last night's match. Regular readers will be well aware of my attitude towards football and will no doubt gasp in astonishment and step back in amazement, and these reactions would be particularly appropriate when they learn that Keith not only  shares my degree of interest in football, but his antipathy could even be said to surpass mine.
Anyway, having seen clips of Wayne Rooney's succinct and direct reaction to being booed by the fans and Fabio's apparent bemusement and total lack of histrionics as he made his way 'backstage'  (sorry but I'm not conversant with the correct terminology here), we began to jointly wonder why anyone would be surprised that Fabio was not upset by England's performance as he is Italian, not English. I said I thought that the fact that he is raking in five million pounds per annum should be reason enough for him to show a little concern and interest, but Keith was adamant. He's Italian, so he will be rooting for the Italian team. Actually, we weren't sure if Italy is playing, but assumed they are. This in turn led us to speculate on why in the name of sanity so many of the managers and owners of the British teams are quite obviously not British and, come to that, neither are a large proportion of the players. Does the UK produce so few decent players that it is impossible to cobble together at least a few teams using solely British players?
By this time, Paddy was fixing me with the doggy glare that means, 'Are we ever going for a walk today?' so that was the end of our conversation, except to bemoan the fact that there are still a lot of 'World Cup' days to get through before I can be sure of seeing Emmerdale and Coronation Street at the proper times again.
Oh, and if anyone thinks they can answer our queries, please feel free to use the comments box - but no hate mail, please!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

We may not be able to produce decent players but we can produce damned good indecent and decadent ones - keeping our impoverished tabloid journalists in work..!
e.g. John Terry - father of twins had a sordid affair with a team-mate's girlfriend.
Ashley Cole - damning texts that revealed his unfaithful sexploitative habits when married to the gorgeous Cheryl.
Steven Gerrard - Hiring a fancy lawyer to get him off the hook when caught clearly on CCTV attacking a man in a late night drinking club.
Wayne Rooney - Acquired first sexual experiences with Liverpool prostitutes.
Finally, I agree with you. We should NEVER have appointed a foreign manager. Imagine his half-time team talks!

VERIFICATION WORD is "pricksh"! Precisely!

Jennyta said...

Wasn't he the one who came over here unable to speak a word of English? So his half-time talks must be brief to say the least. ;)

Shooting Parrots said...

What also baffles me is the range of nationalities in the studio acting as pundits -- Jurgen Klinsmann, Edgar Davids etc.

I'm not being xenophobic, but if they are so good at punditry, why haven't they been snapped up by their own national tv stations?

Or do the BBC/ITV pay more? Or is there a punditry circuit? I think we should be told.


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