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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Car insurance

Since we changed our car a few weeks ago, the AA decided that our premium should be practically doubled. Granted the car is a bit bigger, as you can see, but it is also older and the 12 year old that I spoke to was not up for discussion. In the past, when my insurance was due for renewal, I would get a quote from my current company and a cheaper one as an alternative. Now, it just rises steadily and it's 'take it or leave it.'
So, I decided to do some investigations of my own via a comparison website and, lo and behold, I found one, nay half a dozen, which, even with myself as main driver and Keith as named driver, which would have cost me even more with the AA, comes in at just over half the AA quote.
Next was another phone call to the AA to tell them that I wanted to cancel my insurance policy with them. Naively, I did expect the lady at the other end to  ask why I wanted to cancel, even to add some expression of regret. I have been a customer of theirs for close on thirty years and, to be fair, I have, until recently, found their service to be good value. However, no enquiry was forthcoming and even when I explained that I had found another policy for half the price, there was not a vestige of interest or comment. She completed the transaction, informed me of my refund, which is minus FIFTY POUNDS for 'administration'! To add insult to injury, yesterday they sent me a three page customer survey to fill in.
The second word is 'off' AA!


WendyCarole said...

there doesn't seem to be customer loyalty discount on anything does there? All companies are interested in are new customers. New customers with our cable company pay far less than we do or get extra bits in "their package" I hate that phrase!

I swapped unions but when I phoned th eold one to tell them they weren't the slightest bit interested in why I had changed.

Jennyta said...

SAd, isn't it, WendyCarole?

Anonymous said...

All too typical nowadays! They all seem more than happy to give deals and discounts to new customers whilst ignoring the rest.
I switched companies a couple of years and got the same sort of response. Flighty xx

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I'm with Churchill but you have to watch those buggers too. It's as if they hook you and the next year - even without claims being made - they try to hike the price up by 10% or so until you phone them and then they say they'll "see what they can do" before reducing the premium. Most insurance companies seem to act like money-mad thieves.

Jennyta said...

You're right, Flighty - it seems that it's the new business that counts, as far as most of these places are concerned.

YP, I shall have to keep an eye on that, but it's worth a bit of extra work to save on the overall bill.

Daphne said...

I still tend to think of the AA as nice old-fashioned gentlemen in plus fours who will come out and mend your motor car - - and my family has been members since they were! It's a real shame that they're no longer interested in customer loyalty.

Jennyta said...

Along with most other outfits these days, Daphne.


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