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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Case of the Missing Locksmith

Yesterday and today I have had the strong feeling that Keith and I might be about to have a similar experience to this Scottish lady and her husband. Yesterday, the roads up here were like ice rinks and traffic accordingly suffered a much higher than usual number of breakdowns. Keith set off at 9am to Rhyl to do a repair which proved to be very complicated and took far longer than expected. In fact, he hadn't finished before it began to get dark, so he decided to stop and go back today. However, true to Sod's Law, the van refused to start, so he called the AA, who told him it would be SIX HOURS before anyone could come out to him. Fortunately, they eventually sent someone within two hours and once again Sod's Law was in operation because  the mechanic had barely laid a hand on it before the old crate started.
But at least it meant that he got home in time for Coronation Street. (He was SO pleased about that!)
Today, off he went again, this time to Capel Curig, with the aim of returning to Rhyl on the way back. OK so far, except that he spent about two hours on the way back from Capel Curig sitting in stationary traffic so  again it was too dark to finish yesterday's job and he decided to come straight home.
By now, of course, the promised snowfall had started and he has been sitting in his van on the A550 near Caergwrle, going nowhere as the road is blocked by - guess what? SNOW!
Shall I ever see him again? That is the question...


cheshire wife said...

My husband is in Yorkshire. I wonder when I am going to see him again.

Anonymous said...

And the answer is...? Flighty xx

Jennyta said...

It's a big place, CW. Don't hold your breath!;)
He got in at 9.30 last night, Flighty.


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