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Monday, December 07, 2009

Digital telly

December 2nd has come and gone.
So what? I hear you ask.
Well, that was the date for digital switchover for the Granada region. Now we are not actually in the Granada region but for some reason known only to the 'experts' that is where our strongest digital signal comes from. When we had Sky, we could access BBC Wales, but since switching to BT Vision (cheaper package, does all we need), our 'local' BBC news comes from Granada or, again for some mysterious reason, more recently from Midland.
Anyway, on 2nd December, we had to reset our Vision box but, unfortunately, for some reason, we found ourselves with only a handful of channels, NOT including ITV1 and with poor reception to boot. Keith covered his ears and braced himself for my ululations at the prospect of being deprived of Emmerdale and Corrie, but I bravely picked up the phone and dialled the number for Digital Switchover Problems shown on the BT Vision website.
This number gives you access to the Digital helpline - a rather loose and inaccurate description, in my experience; nothing at all like the friendly little alien in their commercials. I have spoken to them twice now and have been abruptly told to
a) have  the aerial checked (We did, there's nothing wrong with it.)
b) refer to the manufacturers of the BT Vision box. (What??)
Any little old ladies requiring help with retuning their televisions will be sadly disappointed if they ring the Digital helpline, I can assure you.
So, on then to BT themselves. A Scottish lady took me through various procedures, all of which we and the aerial engineer had already tried, but hey, it was in her script so she had to follow it, all to no avail. I kept telling her that an engineer had checked the aerial and had tried himself to reset the box, but still she kept on.
So now, a BT engineer will call tomorrow afternoon, probably to replace our box with one that works properly but Scottish lady still found it necessary to end the conversation with the following ominous threat:
"If he finds that your aerial is at fault, you will be charged £115 pounds call-out!"
Did she listen to anything I said?


Mick's Page. said...

Hi Jennyta.
My change over was quite painless it just took a little time in resetting all the pieces of associated equipment, 2 x DVD-players, 1 VHS-player plus the TV it self, straight forward, the only thing I forgot to do was to reset the timers to automatic set, caused a bit of puzzlement why I was getting weird and wonderful recorded programs I didn’t want on the DVD’s.

I’ve met some of those unhelpful call centre operators in my time, it ends up with me having a good laugh at their expense. If they start from a gobble gook questionnaire working down their script with their stupid questions I tell them I’m a bit hard of hearing and can they speak up, I say to them I don’t understand what they are saying and can they put an English speaker on the line, speak more slowly, I’m 92-years old and don’t understand all this modern technology. Last week I had a heart attack and have only just come out of hospital and I can do without all this worry. I’ve just answered that question haven’t you been listening are you stuuupid or something. Your repairman ‘Fred‘ “do you know him, he’s the one who has three children” has already checked the TV-set.

There you are Jenny getting the idea, normally, eventually I do get satisfaction. - Mick x

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Bring back the days of campfires and hunting tales. No aerials, no broadband faults, no lost dial tones or unhelpful helplines. However, I have just discovered that there is a God and his name is Barry. He works in the bowels of TalkTalk Tower and through his patient guidance has at last got us on the net again. Oh Barry I honour thee for thou art the word and the word is Barry. Pray to Barry Jenny and he will solve your digital TV problems in a flash.

Jennyta said...

Thanks, Mick, I'll try that next time. ;)
YP, glad you are finally back on track with your broadband etc.


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