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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Friday, November 06, 2009

Bonfire Night

I've never been much of a fan of Bonfire Night. Following closely on the heels of Hallowe'en, which I can also live without, the weather is usually damp and misty and it's  another reminder of the rapid approach of winter. So, yesterday, when the first fireworks went off at three-thirty, yes that's half past three in the afternoon, I was definitely not impressed.
So, the evening continues:
Intermittent bursts of fireworks throughout the early and late evening, up to about 10.30, in spite of outbursts of heavy rain.
Trying to conduct a counselling session while this is going on.
Keith and I between us trying to pacify Paddy as he flung himself at the window, barking furiously whenever he heard the fireworks.
But what I really don't understand is how, in this era of Nanny State and all-pervasive Health and Safety, often taken to ridiculous lengths, people are free to go into shops and buy explosives to set off in their gardens!


Mick's Page. said...

Hi Jenny.
Likewise I too am not a fan of Halloween or Bonfire Nights.

Halloween - a celebration for ‘children [????]‘ to dress up as witches and ghosts late October. What a load of toddle, come and live in my area and you see them 24/7.

Bonfire Night. Remembrance for a failed attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament. An occasion to light fires - [OK given that, you can burn off your old rubbish] but for fireworks, beats me. Just visit the A & E departments and speak to the Fire Brigade and come to that where the hell do they get the money from?. - Mick

Jennyta said...

I can't believe that people are still allowed to buy the damned things!

Anonymous said...

They do nothing for me either! As for these modern loud-bang fireworks...!
I agree that it seems odd that they're still sold. Flighty xx

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I have always loved Bonfire Night -the expectation, the odour of gunpowder and the mischievous devil-may-care aspect of it all. Pity I missed it this year...

Jennyta said...

Yes, they are noisier now, Flighty.
YP, you are welcome to it. I'll send a few over to you. ;)

Rosie said...

I agree with you but for once it has been quiet where we are. Can only assume that people haven't the money this year for back garden fireworks. Love Paddys new bed X

Jennyta said...

Very cosy, isn't it, Rosie? :)


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